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Artist's Statement

Virginia Westray - Mixed Media and Enamel Artist

I discovered the craft of copper enameling as a child, and years later, discovered its potential as a painting medium. Vitreous enamel is a finely ground glass that is colored with mineral and metallic oxides. It is fused onto copper in a preheated kiln at temperatures of 1500 to 1800 degrees F., and a typical painting requires 5 to 10 separate firings. Enamel is available in many colors, both transparent and opaque: in my work I particularly enjoy using the rich effects of transparent colors over the copper base, as well as the additional color and patina of uncoated and over-fired metal.

This year I have been exploring mixed media on paper, using watercolor, collage, and drawing in compositions that express my interest in music, movement, and color. Having been a professional bookbinder for almost 40 years, I find this pleasure in playing with paper is a natural for me. This work progresses alongside my continued exploration of the possibilities of enamel art.

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